Can a Queen Mattress Fit in a Minivan? (My Best Take)

Planning a road trip or camping trip in a minivan with your family or friends is always fun. And while doing that, the need to carry a queen mattress at the back may become a necessity. 

But, can a queen mattress fit in a minivan?

Honestly speaking, in order to fit a queen mattress in a minivan, you need to get creative, like trying to fit the mattress at an angle. If you’re using a normal passenger minivan, then it won’t fit. But, if you can modify it by removing the passenger seats in the back, then the mattress will fit easily.

Can a Queen Mattress Fit in a Minivan


Can a Queen Mattress Fit in a Minivan?

Most likely, a queen mattress won’t fit in most passenger minivans. However, some people opine that such mattresses might fit in a passenger combi van that doesn’t have passenger seats in the back.

If you insist on fitting the queen mattress in your minivan, it has to be at an angle. Having said that, the actual size of your mattress and minivan must be taken into account. 

Can a Queen Mattress Fit in a Minivan

Generally, queen mattresses are 60 in x 80 in, or 150 cm x 200 cm (H x L), however, the dimensions vary from one country to another. For instance, while a queen mattress dimension is 120cm x 200cm in the UK, it is 158cm x 198cmin Brazil.

A standard minivan is 63 (B) X 84 (L) inches, which might make it difficult to fit in some queen-sized mattresses.

Size of Queen Mattress in Different Countries

Queen-sized mattresses have different dimensions in different countries. Below is a list depicting the size of these mattresses in different countries. 

  • U.S and Canada: 60″ x 80″ 
  • China: 72″ x 74″
  • Australia and New Zealand: 60″ x 80″ 
  • UK: 47″ x 80″
  • Brazil: 62″ x 78″
  • Europe: 60″ x 78″

Dimension of Most Common Minivans

To determine whether your queen mattress will fit in a minivan, you need to determine the size of your minivan. Here are the top minivan options and their size.  

  • Dodge Grand Caravan: 202.8″ L x 78.7″ W.
  • Kia Carnival: 201.38″ L x 78.15″ W.
  • Honda Odyssey: 205.2” L x 78.5” W.
  • Chrysler Pacifica: 204.3″ L x 79.6″ W.
  • Toyota Sienna: 203.7”L x 78.5” W .

Can a Honda Odyssey fit a queen mattress?

It’s possible to fit a queen mattress in a Honda Odyssey if it’s folded to fit the car’s back. You will need to take out the third row I’d the car seat to accommodate a standard queen-sized mattress. 

Can a queen mattress fit in Dodge Caravan?

Can a queen mattress fit in Dodge Caravan

No. It’s not possible to fit a queen mattress inside a Dodge Caravan. However, many people tie up the mattress on the car roof. The same logic applies to any horizontal furniture box. However, if the car door is closed at 95 inches, you can fit in a furniture box. 

Does a queen-size mattress fit in a Toyota Sienna?

To fit a full queen-sized mattress, the back rows of the Toyota Sienna must be taken out. Also, the mattress needs to be compressed to some extent so it can fit at the back of the car easily. You may also have to take off the internal panels and wheel wells and rear interior panels. 

Will a queen-size mattress fit in a Chrysler Pacifica?

The Chrysler Pacifica minivan features 140.5 feet of cubic luggage area and the second and third seta are “Stow n Go”. It’s possible to fold a queen-sized mattress and place it in the space of the Stow n Go seats.

Any standard queen-sized mattress will fit this minivan as long as it’s put longitudinally. However, you need to angle it a bit to accommodate the width. 

How do I calculate cubic feet when moving?

You can do that by a simple arithmetic formula: 

Volume in cubic feet Equals Length (inches) × Width (inches) x Height (inches) divided by 1728.

If you have the van’s trim in the way, you can get at an angle. In fact, you can place your mattress at an angle in most minivans, provided the van has enough height. 

How to Fit a Mattress Into a Minivan?

Before removing the seats in your minivan to fit your queen-sized mattress, take time to measure the dimension of your minivan and compare it to your mattress. Minivans have evolved over the past years so checking the size is essential. 

How to Fit a Mattress Into a Minivan
  • Fold the middle and third-row seats: You have to fold the second and third-row seats to fit in your mattress. If you cannot fold the seats, remove them. Unscrew the seats from the frame and take them out. 
  • Determine the length and width: Check the cargo space and then measure the mattress. Identify the dimensions of both to take the correct decision. 
  • Use a mattress cover: Cover the mattress with a cover to keep it aside. You can use a tarp or plastic to cover your mattress as well. 
  • Vertically carry the mattress to your minivan: Carrying the mattress vertically will keep it safe. Taking it laterally might damage it. 
  • Put it from the back Cargo door: Put the mattress through the back Cargo door. It’s advisable to lay the mattress flat like a bed. Place an object beneath the mattress for support if you need to angle it. Avoid folding the mattress. 

How To Tie A Mattress To A Car Roof Rack?

In case the mattress does not fit at the back of the minivan, you can carry it at the top of the van. However, the mattress needs to be secured in a position so it does not cause any accidents on the moving road. 

How To Tie A Mattress To A Car Roof Rack

To carry the mattress on the roof of the car, your mattress bag needs to be made from strong plastic, you need duct tape and ratchet straps to bind the mattress well. 

Protect your mattress

You need to ensure your mattress does not get damaged in transit. Thus you need to cover it in string plastic or use hard plastic sheets to wrap your mattress. If you have a mattress bag it’s the best option if you are packing alone. 

Use duct tape

Once the mattress is packed, there might be some air left in it which can cause problems. You can avoid this problem by tightly sealing the bag with duct tape. 

Determine the roof’s weight capacity

Check the weight capacity of the roof before placing the mattress. This is essential as the carrying capacity of the luggage rack varies between mods.

Besides, ensure the rack’s dimensions matches that is the mattress. Its advisable to place the mattress at the center of the rack monitoring the two sides. Finally, keep the mattress from hovering over the wind shield.  

How To Tie A Mattress To A Car Roof Rack

Secure the mattress

Once you have positioned the mattress correctly, secure it in the position so it does not fall off.


Traveling with your mattress should not be a problem anymore as we have mentioned the essentials you will have to bear in mind to transport your bed.

However, even if you have the mattress secured at the back of the car or the roof, it’s advisable to drive slowly and avoid rushing. 

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