Does Subaru Use Real Leather? (Yes, It Truly Does)

Whether you are looking to buy a new car or just curious about the materials used by Subaru, one of your common questions may be, “does Subaru use real leather?”

The answer is yes. In many of their vehicles, Subaru uses real leather for its interior components, from seat upholstery and door armrests to dashboard trims. But even though it isn’t 100% natural leather in all cases, the company has taken great measures to ensure its quality.

Does subaru use real leather


Does Subaru use real leather? (The Truth)

Yes, Subaru uses real leather in many of its vehicles. This is most commonly seen in seat upholstery, door armrests, dashboard trims, and other interior components. Using authentic leather does come with a few caveats, however. In some cases, Subaru uses a combination of artificial and natural leather to ensure consistent quality and durability across all models.

Subaru takes a strong stance on using genuine materials in their vehicles. They are committed to creating high-quality automobiles that are reliable, comfortable, and safe automobiles for drivers and passengers alike.

As part of this commitment, they have ensured that all their leather trim pieces meet strict durability, comfort, and quality standards.

To verify the authenticity of its leather material, Subaru has taken extra steps to inspect each piece before it enters production. All materials used by Subaru undergo rigorous testing to guarantee that they will stand up to long-term use while providing excellent comfort levels. 

Additionally, all services related to these materials come with an extended warranty from Subaru, covering any defects or issues related to the wear or tear of the leather in question.

What cars still use real leather?

Many luxury vehicles still use real leather for seating, door panels, and dashboards. Commonly seen in high-end cars such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Lexus, or Porsche, the quality of their leather is often superior to what is found in other vehicles.

They are willing to pay a premium for the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

What cars still use real leather

In addition to luxury cars, some mid-priced models also offer real leather upholstery with trim options that are more budget friendly. For example, Subaru has used genuine leather in certain models.

In many cases, Subaru also uses a combination of artificial and natural leather to ensure durability and comfort that meets the company’s high standards.

Real leather can be found on some entry-level cars as well. Honda has used real leather upholstery in its newer models, including the Accord and Civic series.

Even though the quality may not be as good as those found on higher end vehicles, these options are still comfortable and reasonably priced for budget conscious consumers looking for an affordable alternative without sacrificing quality or style.

Does Subaru Crosstrek have real leather seats?

Yes, Subaru Crosstrek models are available with genuine leather seats. This is most commonly seen in the higher trim levels, such as the Limited and Touring variants. The seats feature a combination of real leather and artificial materials to ensure they are durable, comfortable, and stylish.

The use of authentic leather also adds a level of quality and luxury to the vehicle’s interior.

Does Subaru Crosstrek have real leather seats

The high-quality craftsmanship used on these seats is evident when you touch or sit in them. They have an impressive level of softness while still being firm enough to provide excellent support during long journeys.

Additionally, the quality materials help to keep exterior noise from entering the cabin, which helps reduce fatigue on longer drives.

Subaru’s commitment to using only genuine materials for their vehicles extends to their use of leather. They take every step possible to ensure that their customers get the highest quality experience by testing all materials before they enter production and offer warranty protection for any defects or issues related to the wear or tear of the leather in question.

Is Subaru Nappa leather real?

Yes, the Nappa leather used in Subaru’s vehicles is real. This type of leather comes from tanning hides, which makes it far more durable than other types of leather. Nappa leather is usually processed with oils and waxes to enhance its water-resistant properties and give it a more luxurious appearance.

Subaru uses this type of leather in many of their mid- and higher-priced vehicles and some entry-level models. The quality of the hide itself is considered when selecting the right leather for each vehicle, as well as the design goals desired by Subaru’s engineers.

Is Subaru Nappa leather real?

The Nappa Leather used in Subaru’s cars can often be identified by its smoothness and softness to the touch while being incredibly resilient over time. It will not fade or deteriorate quickly like certain other artificial materials, so drivers can expect it to last for years without any major wear or tear that might occur with extended use. 

Additionally, the hide will remain supple even after extended exposure to sunlight and other elements that could cause damage to other kinds of materials.

How do I know if my car seats are real leather?

If you’re wondering if the leather seats in your car are real, there are a few key points to look for. First, high-quality leather will typically have a distinct smell when you sit in or touch it.

Genuine leather has an unmistakable aroma, often described as a mix between musk and barnyards. Additionally, when touched, genuine leather should be soft and supple, not stiff and plasticky like its synthetic counterparts.

How do I know if my car seats are real leather

The material’s texture is also a good indicator of whether your car’s seats are made from genuine leather. High-quality hide usually feels smooth to the touch, and if you run your fingers across it, you should feel small grains that give the material a natural look and feel.

Artificial materials do not have this characteristic grainy texture associated with them.

It can also be useful to check what type of leather is used in the car’s interior by looking at the manufacturer’s product information. Reputable automakers like Subaru often list the type of leather used in their vehicles during production so customers can easily determine whether their cars come with real or artificial seating materials. If a car does not explicitly state that its upholstery includes authentic hide, it may be artificial instead.


Overall, Subaru uses genuine leather in many of its mid- and higher-priced vehicles and some entry-level models. The quality of the hide itself is considered, with the Nappa leather providing an excellent balance of softness, suppleness, and extreme durability, even after extended exposure to sunlight and other elements.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Subaru uses real leather for its seats and upholstery, ensuring that customers get a luxurious experience when driving one of these cars.

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