How Long Does it Take to Wax a Car? (My Best Guide)

Your car is one of the main parts of your daily lifestyle. And everyone tries to keep his car in a glossy state. To restore the gloss of your favorite vehicle and to keep the dirt away from your car’s body, ‘wax’ is the most popular and effective way.

But do you know how long does it take to wax a car?

Well, the waxing process is not very complex. With the help of perfect tools, it can easily be done within four to five hours. Even sometimes, it takes less than one hour.

There are several factors, depending upon this time vary. If you own a small four-seater, like a Honda Civic or Accord, then it will take less than 60 minutes to complete the entire basic waxing process.

But it will take three to four hours if your car needs to be washed first with foam or clay. 

On the other hand, for SUVs and other larger vehicles, a proper waxing process can take 8 to 9 hours. There are several waxing types: paste wax, spray wax, natural carnauba wax, Liquid wax, and synthetic wax. 

How long does it take to wax a car

Depending upon your car’s condition, the experts will recommend you the perfect wax. In this article, we will discuss all of the most important aspects of waxing a car.

It will help you to get a clear image of the waxing process when you need to wax your card and other important aspects to consider.  


How long does it take to Wax a Car? (My Thoughts)

To wax, a small car for 45 to 90 minutes is needed. But if your car’s body is very dirty, then you need to wash your car first, and then you can apply wax on it. In such conditions, the time will be 3 to 4 hours. 

Waxing process also depends upon the size and the type of a vehicle. For example, if you wanna wax a simple sedan car, then it shouldn’t take more than a hour, but for a SUV and other biggies it may take more than 8 to 9 hours in some cases.

Waxing a car is not a very difficult process. With the help of proper tools, you can easily and effortlessly do it yourself. But if you want the best possible outcome in a minimal time, hire a technician. 

There are several factors upon which the waxing time can differ. Among them, some of the important factors are the size of the buffer, the waxing method, the type of wax, weather conditions, and the condition of your car’s body. 

How long does it take for a car to be

If you want to wax your car in the fastest way, then you need to use a spray wax. You need to apply it directly to your car’s clean body. Then simply rub it with a microfiber cloth. You must apply the wax to the plastic, glass, and chrome. 

Then you need to apply drying powder to the car’s surface. It will help the wax to dry quickly. After some time, you can see that your car’s shine is back. It is as easy as that.

Let’s understand the process in simpler manner here:

Preparing the Car Before Wax

You must follow the proper waxing method to make the wax last long. The very first condition of it is that your car’s body must be clean, And you need to ensure that there is no dirt present in the area where you are going to wax. 

This cleaning process is more time-consuming than applying the wax. Here we mention some steps you must follow before applying wax to your car. 

Cleaning and washing

Cleaning is the very first step. The exterior of your car has to be spotless. You need to clean the surface with shampoo if it is less dirty. If your car’s Surface is full of dirt, then you need to use a clay bar or foam to remove all the dirt efficiently. 


After cleaning and washing your car, you need to leave it for drying. It will take 3 to 4 hours. For better results, you can leave it for 12 hours. Proper drying is necessary for this purpose.


The last task before applying wax is polishing. You need to polish the car surface with some rub & shine material. After finishing this tape, your card is ready for waxing. These are the main pre-wax prep, and these take most of the time of your waxing process.


Several factors will affect your waxing time and quality.

  • Size of car: The time of the waxing process depends upon the size of your car. To wax a small car, less than one hour is sufficient. Contradictory, an SUV or a large truck can take an entire day.
  • Size and Speed of the Buffer: The waxing time of a car is deeply affected by the type of buffers. Larger buffer pads take less time than a small-diameter pad. The speed to buffer can also make a huge difference. So if you wax your car manually, then it will take longer. On the other hand, if you take the help of a proper tool, then we can make it quick. 
  • Type of wax being used: We have already mentioned that there are various types of wax. For some types of wax, you need to wash your vehicle first. Some wax needs to be removed after applying it. SO different types of wax come with different application methods, and the time varies with them.
  • Temperature and Weather Conditions: Weather is another factor that can affect your waxing time. Extreme cold or tremendous heat, none is good for waxing. In the cold, the wax becomes hard, and it can’t spread well on the surface. On the other hand, in extreme heat, the wax dries very fast. 
  • Waxing Technique: Hand waxing and machine waxing are the two methods for waxing. But without proper technique, you will not get proper finishing. When waxing your vehicle, you must apply it properly with the proper technique. Else you will need to put some extra effort into removing the stances left. This process will take a lot of extra time, which can easily be saved.
  • Your fitness and stamina: If you are manually waxing your car, your stamina and speed will affect the waxing time. You need to rub the car’s entire exterior 2 to 3 times. Whether it is with bare hard or with specific tools, you need to do it. If you are fit enough, you will not be tired and can finish the job quickly, and you can easily and thoroughly polish your vehicle after buffing.

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How long does a car waxing last?

Waxing is a must for your vehicle. But sometimes, it seems like a very tiresome task. Every six weeks, you need to wax your car. From 6 weeks, the wax starts to damage, and it can last up to three months.

How long does a car waxing last?

But depending upon the weather and its sunlight time, it can differ. But if you want to maintain the shine of your favorite car, you need to keep a special eye on its wax.

How often should one wax their car?

In general, you need to wax your car every 90 days. At the same time, you can clean the interior and exterior. So your car will be fresh from the inside and will shine from the outside.

But if your car is left open to sunlight most of the time, the wax will not last that much. The weather can also affect the wax.

Can you let car wax sit overnight?

After applying the wax, you need to wait to dry it, and then you need to take the wax off. So some of us thought that he left the wax overnight and that in the morning, he would take the wax off.

Can you let car wax sit overnight

But it will damage the paint and get into the paint’s layer. And make the paint dull. So you need to take the wax off within 2 to 3 hours after applying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the waxing car remove scratches?

As there are no abrasives, wax can’t remove the scratches on your car. It just enhances the shine of the car’s surface. Various polishing materials can cover some minor scratches. But for deeper scratches, you need to repaint the area.

How much does it cost to wax a car?

To wax a car, a professional charges between $ 100 to $200. Depending upon the size of the car and wax type, their charges vary. You can do it at half the price if you try it yourself.

How long do you leave Turtle wax on the car?

Before buffing the turtle wax off, you must wait 10 to 15 minutes.


Hopefully now you know exactly how long does it take to wax a car. Most car owners wax their vehicle just before any occasion. But they need to maintain it throughout the year.

Wax not only increases the car’s shine but also protects the car’s paint from minor damage and keeps the rust away from the car’s exterior.

If you want long-lasting wax, use the right method, tool, and wax. 

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