Is STP Oil Good? (My Honest Take)

STP stands for Scientifically Treated Petroleum. It has managed to achieve a prominent position in the market, covering almost a 13.4% share in the synthetic oil segment

In addition to offering benefits similar to conventional oil treatments, the redeveloped version helps it work ideally with thickened oils. But, is STP oil good?

Honestly, STP provides better protection to the engine supporting long drain breaks. That’s why STP oil is very good for the engine.

This article aims to uncover the efficacy and reliability of STP based on a few facts.

Is STP oil good


Is STP oil good? (My Opinion)

STP helps ideal lubrication and keeps the engine healthy. It is available in multiple variants to cater to different types of specific engines. The question about being STP good is quite debatable, and the answer comes with mixed responses.

It’s crucial to find a product that caters to your specific need. Else, you may mismatch the product with your requirement, giving you unhappy results. Let’s dig in further to evaluate the performance of STP oil in a better way.

Pros and cons of using STP oil


Auto experts believe STP helps to keep your old engine in good shape. It may not match the performance of other synthetic oils, such as Royal Purple or Mobil 1.

But still, you can drive your vehicle for about 5000 to 7000 miles without an oil change. This is what compels us to value the importance of STP oil when we are dealing today with complex engines.

STP products cater to this rising demand of servicing the complexity of engines and strive to perform at peak level providing ideal engine protection in severe driving conditions.

STP oil has a proven track record of reducing the wear and tear of the engine and its components, preventing rusting and corrosion.

pros of using STP oil

Moreover, it also helps to keep turbocharges clean. STP cannot be used for wet clutch vehicles. It can be used only with vehicles with 4-cycle engines. Let’s have a significant overview of STP oil use.

Treatment and removal of soot

Continuous operation of the engine causes friction leading to gathering a lot of smut. This accumulated dirt affects the spark plug and injectors. In addition, this smut deposition on the piston adversely affects the engine’s performance.

The smut can also bring down the motor compression cutting off the power output. STP oil aids in eliminating the smut entirely, ridding off all the potential problems.

Improve the performance of the car engine

STP oil helps the efficient running of the engine. It blocks the dust and debris that affects the combustion reaction negatively. This prevention by STP oil helps the effective processing of burning fuel, enhancing the engine’s performance.

Save gasoline

A clean engine requires less energy to operate. However, it depends on the driver to drive the vehicle ideally. Engines deliver high performance when subjected to consistent gasoline heat. It enables it to mix with the combustion air resulting in ideal mileage.


STP oil is too pricey than other traditional motor oils. Also, it won’t work ideally for engines with high mileage. It works great till 7000 miles. Not recommended to be used in SAP oil.

Many believe STP doesn’t have the thickness that plays as a cushion to the parts that grind upon each other, preventing friction. STP oils cannot be used with vehicles having wet clutch and 2-cycle engines.

Effectiveness and reliability of STP oil based on customer reviews and expert opinions

Let’s have a look at what customers and experts have to say about STP oil.

Experts review

STP oil is produced for longer drain intervals. It benefits you by saving time and money, which you would have to waste on frequent oil changes.

STP works harmoniously with most engine types. The engine range includes direct injection and turbochargers.

There are a few downsides too. STP may not perform ideally at cold temperatures of minus 30 degrees F or lesser. Not recommended to be used on old vehicles. Moreover, it is thinner than other motor oils.

Experts review of STP oil

Customer review

One customer has been using the STP oil on his old new car as well. However, STP oil didn’t support the old car, and the engine remained dirty and rusty. The STP oil didn’t work its magic on the old car’s engine.

However, surprisingly, when it was used on the new car, the engine remained clean, and all sludge and varnish accumulation was removed. He suggests using this oil only if the vehicle is not older than 5 years. On Amazon, the product has gained a star rating of 4.3 out of 5. On Walmart, it has gained 4.5 out of 5.

Comparison of STP oil to other engine oil additives

STP differs from other engine oil additives in a few ways.

  1. Not suitable for older vehicles.
  2. Designed for longer drain intervals.
  3. It is not suitable for high-mileage engines.
  4. Won’t work on 2-cycle engines and vehicles with wet clutch.
  5. Cannot work in freezing temperatures of -30 degrees F or lower.
  6. Not the best performer if compared with Mobil 1 or Valvoline.

Who manufactures the oil for STP?

STP is manufactured by Energizer Holdings Inc. Before Energizer Holdings, Armored Auto Group, and Spectrum Brands owned this product. 

The product was first produced in 1954 by Charles Dwight (Doc) Logger, Rober De Hart, and Jim Hill in Missouri. In 1961, the ownership was transferred to Studebaker-Packard Corporation.


Based on all the above findings, we can conclude that no oil is the best. The best feature of any oil depends on your needs. So one type of oil may work for your vehicle, but the same may not work for your friend.

STP oil works well with low-mileage engines. It helps vehicles have longer drain intervals. But it is not recommended for areas having a temperature of -30 degrees F or lower.

Moreover, STP oil works well with new engines and doesn’t help ideally on old engines. So, if you have an old vehicle, or if the temperature in your area can drop to -30 degrees F, avoid using this oil additive.

If you want to change oil at long intervals, try this additive.

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