How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car in 8 Easy Ways

The subwoofer generally sounds louder and more controlled with the windows up than with them down. Therefore, to make them louder outside the car, you will have to put in some effort.

If you don’t know how to make subs louder outside the car, then you have landed at the right place.

I have done it multiple times in my own car, and I have decided to share my knowledge and experiences and the form of this article.

People nowadays want the bass in their automobile to sound just as amazing outside as it does inside. This is not only done to attract more attention at local gatherings but also to help people rock on their beats as they drive past them.

Since a good subwoofer is designed to produce low-end sound frequencies, you must ensure certain things. Firstly, ensure that your subwoofer receives enough power to increase its volume outside of the car. Secondly, if the sound is still insufficient, consider adding an amplifier.

Increase Subs' Volume Outside the Car

Now, a wide range of elements affects how loud your car’s subwoofer will sound outside of it. Let’s learn about them.


Consider these factors to increase subwoofer volume outside the vehicle

Well, there are approaches to raising the loudness of your subwoofers without degrading the quality of your stereo system.

Consider these factors to increase subwoofer volume outside the vehicle


The maximum SPL and the amplifier’s wattage determine the system’s sensitivity. A subwoofer with a greater SPL will sound better at reference volume when placed away from your automobile than one with a lower SPL.

This is because SPL typically provides more information regarding loudness than sensitivity.

Sensitivity is tested at 1W per meter, but other factors are also to consider. Therefore, a subwoofer with a sensitivity of 88dB will be better than one with only 78dB at the same frequency, as loudness changes with sensitivity.

Subwoofer Size

Your music will sound louder outside the car if your subwoofer is bigger. You’ll have a better listening experience as the air pressure, and bass levels increase. Therefore, install a larger subwoofer if you want your music to sound louder than it does in the car.

Power handling Wattage

Increasing power is a fantastic way to make subwoofers louder outside of the car. This is because subwoofers require more power than regular speakers, making it more difficult to listen to music outside of a car.

So, you’ll have to boost the subwoofer’s power if you want your subs to be louder.

While discussing the power handling wattage of a subwoofer, the most common question that strikes our mind is:

How Much Power Do My Subwoofers Need?

Usually, it is preferred to use at least 300 watts to ensure that your subwoofer has enough power. However, you can always add more speakers whenever needed.

You can upgrade your system by including an additional amplifier. The volume of your system will be increased by adding a second woofer.

How Much Power Do My Subwoofers Need

Further, installing a ported enclosure with the rear window is an excellent idea.

Type of the Enclosure

The kind of enclosure you select is another factor that affects loudness. Despite having incredible sound quality, sealed enclosures are not as loud as ported ones. This is because the loudest subwoofers utilise ports for the additional bass reflex to maximise their loudness.

Therefore, to enhance the loudness of your subs, go for an open port subwoofer. However, there’s a drawback to the ported ones as their sound quality is not that accurate. But if your sole concern is volume, this won’t be a problem.

Power Handling Capability

Remember power handling when choosing your subwoofer. Due to the larger magnet and enormous voice coils, the loud subwoofer is the one that can handle greater power.

When it comes to power handling capability, always examine the real continuous power RMS instead of the peak wattage, which may be twice as high.

How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car (8 Simple Ways)

The original purpose of subwoofers was to serve as an interior audio component for automobiles. However, if your system isn’t operating at its peak potential, there are these simple ways to make subs louder outside the car.

8 Simple Ways to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car

Run multiple subs

The amount of air pushed by the subwoofers you have put in your automobile will determine how powerful your bass will sound. Therefore, consider installing multiple subs to have the loudest bass in town. Well, most car owners often get confused as they ask,

Should I Add Another Car Subwoofer?

You can add another subwoofer if you are still not satisfied with the loudness of your sub. However, adding another subwoofer will no way harm your automobile’s stereo system.

Reviewed by millions, it’s a fact that the volume of your subs increases greatly on adding an amplifier.

Properly Place a Subwoofer for the Best Sound Effects

Turn the subs facing the trunk, not the seats By doing this, the sound waves will be directed to leave the automobile and not bounce back inside through the seats.

Moreover, due to the gain in space, you’ll also notice that the bass feels louder inside and outside the automobile.

Choose Proper Subwoofer Size

More air will be produced when the subwoofer’s cone size increases (15” or 18”). Well, this will no doubt result in higher sound pressure levels. Therefore, to improve your chances of hearing the bass outside the car, try increasing the subwoofer cone area.

Install a Ported Box to Boost Subwoofer Volume

Compared to a sealed enclosure, ported boxes play louder because the sound waves coming from the back of the speaker increase the waves coming from the front.

Additionally, this amplifies the sound of the box within the range of frequencies that the port is tuned to.

Feed your subwoofer(s) enough power

As the power is raised, the bass will increase. Sound is louder inside and outside the automobile when the bass is strong. However, watch out for subwoofers that bottom out.

Sound deadening material could “LOWER” your SPL

The surrounding medium’s characteristics can sometimes result in a decrease in the subwoofer’s loudness. The subwoofers should therefore be maintained yards away from sound-dampening materials.

However, adding a base drum, soft material, and a tougher platform is advantageous in this instance. These materials strengthen the bass vibrations, resulting in excellent sound.

Roll down the windows and the sunroof

According to some, your car’s audio system sounds louder when air blows into the cabin. This is primarily because sound waves can travel outdoors when the windows and sunroof are opened.

If you do the above, you’ll hear the bass sound deeper and hit harder while driving around town.

Simple Ways to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car

Properly tune your subs

A well-tuned subwoofer will not only add richness and depth to any musical style but also increase the volume of your subwoofers.

Well, it can take some effort to fine-tune your subwoofers and obtain the exact bass sound you want from them, but it’s worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Should I Tune the Amplifier for Loudness?

To tune the amplifier correctly, start with setting volume and gaining control. Use the gained control to tune frequencies in the next step. Once done, turn up the bass boost and turn down the gain.

Now that the frequencies and bass are settled, turn up the gain again. Finally, reconnect all amplifiers and turn the radio down to zero.

Do I Need to Soundproof the Car for a Better Bass?

Yes, for better bass, soundproofing is necessary. This is because sound deadeners seal every gap and let us hear more bass without any extra adjustment.

Do subs get louder over time?

Yes, once they loosen up, subwoofers play better and sound louder.

How to make a subwoofer have more bass?

To help your subwoofer produce more bass, place it in the right spot and make the correct tunings that meet your preferences.


It’s simple to learn how to make subs louder outside the car by just following the tactics mentioned above in mind.

However, you should exercise caution and avoid playing loud music in public.

As such, a system is too loud for your own usage and might also irritate nearby residents and other road users.

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