What Does FP Mean On a License Plate? (The Best Guide)

Ever come across a license plate with “FP”? Do you know what does fp mean on a license plate?

This article will guide you through the intricacies, shedding light on the meaning of “FP” on a license plate, its origin, and its importance.

What does fp mean on a license plate

Buckle up as we drive you through this intriguing journey of car registration systems and the secrets they hold within.


What does fp mean on a license plate? 

The term “FP” on a license plate doesn’t hold a uniform meaning across every jurisdiction or state. Factors such as the country, region, or local laws might influence its meaning.

In the context of certain United States jurisdictions, “FP” often represents “Fleet Plate.” Fleet plates are used for vehicles belonging to a company or organization with many vehicles registered under their name.

However, in the United Kingdom, “FP” often forms part of the allocated Regional Identifiers following the DVLA’s license plate system. In this case, “FP” indicates the vehicle was registered in Nottingham.

Always remember that meanings can shift based on geographical locations, local laws, and the specific formatting of the license plate. The best way to determine the meaning of “FP” in a specific context would be to consult with the local DMV or equivalent vehicle registration authority in that area.

What does fp mean on a license plate illinois? 

In the context of Illinois, “FP” on a license plate most commonly stands for “Fleet Plate” or “Fleet Permanent.” These fleet plates are used for vehicles owned or leased by a business, organization, or governmental body.

These can include police forces, taxi firms, and bus companies. Thus, if you encounter a license plate with “FP” in Illinois, it’s likely that you’re looking at a fleet vehicle.

It’s important to note that while this is a usual interpretation, license plate codes can vary based on specific local laws and regulations. For complete certainty in any particular case, consulting with the local DMV or relevant vehicle registration authority would be recommended.

FP license plate Maryland

In Maryland, the available information from my search does not specifically mention “FP” as a license plate code or designation in the state.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) has a variety of license plates, including general, personalized, and organizational plates. However, none of these sources explicitly refer to “FP” as a category or code for Maryland license plates.

If you need more information about Maryland license plates, you can visit the official website of the Maryland MVA or contact them for clarification. Please note that the meaning of “FP” could vary across different jurisdictions, as previously explained in Illinois’s case.

Is FP part of the license plate number? 

Typically, ‘FP’ is more than just a part of a vehicle’s registration number or license plate number. ‘FP’ stands for “Fleet Plate” or “Fleet Permanent” based on the information gathered from multiple sources.

Is FP part of the license plate number

This designation is often used on vehicles owned or leased by businesses, organizations, or government agencies, like police departments, bus companies, or taxi firms. Hence, ‘FP’ is not part of the numeric sequence in a license plate; instead, it denotes a larger context concerning the type of registration for that vehicle.

FP on left side of license plate

When “FP” is on the left side of a license plate, it usually signifies a specific type of vehicle or registration. As previously noted, “FP” often stands for “Fleet Plate” or “Fleet Permanent.” This typically indicates the vehicle is part of a company or an organization’s fleet.

However, it’s crucial to note the following:

  1. The placement of “FP” or other prefixes on a license plate can vary depending on the state or country. In some cases, the “FP” might be at the beginning of the number sequence, while in others, it could be at the end or elsewhere on the plate.
  2. The exact meaning of “FP” can vary based on jurisdiction. While it often means “Fleet Plate,” there can be regional differences.
  3. Local DMV offices or equivalent vehicle registration authorities can provide the most accurate information for your location.

It’s best to consult with the local vehicle registration authority for accurate information in your specific situation.


Understanding the meaning of “FP” on a license plate reveals that it typically denotes “Fleet Plate” or “Fleet Permanent,” indicating the vehicle is part of a business, organization, or government agency’s fleet.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that meanings may vary based on jurisdiction, and local vehicle registration authorities can provide definitive clarification.

By learning about license plate designations, we can better identify specific vehicle types, increasing our knowledge of the automotive world and the nuances of vehicle registration.

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